The Phenomenon

Could you please tell me what time is?

Sorry, I didn’t mean you should check your wrist watch or a clock beside you.

I needed to know your perception about this phenomenon called time.

Time talks a lot to us. But I think very few people listen to it. It does not just talk about figures like people will always respond (it’s 5 o’clock), time I believe talks about life and everything associated with life.

Everything we see around us responds to time and that includes your life. You were born at a certain time and surely you will depart this world at a particular time.

This is the reason I have come to this wise conclusion that time is life and life is time. I therefore say that whatever controls your time controls your life.

There are many attributes associated with time, but one major attribute I have observed about time is that it is a reducing agent.

Yes! Time is a reducing agent.

Think a about it. The cars that were bought thirty years ago don’t look as elegant and new as they were when they were newly bought.

Why is this? Mr. Time is the best entity to give the best answer.

The clothes, costumes, houses and other items of glamor you purchased many years ago are also not as radiant as they looked when you purchased them. With usage in time, they were reduced in value.

Guess what!

Even if you did not subject these items to usage, the passage of time over these items ensures their reduction and the blandness of their luster.

When I got to know my parents as a young boy, they were looking young, boisterous and radiant. But year after year as they celebrated their birthdays, I started observing their vigor dwindle and their fine curly black hairs turn into blurry grey color. It was really not sickness or ill-health that was responsible for this change, it was time.

Time is harsh, time is tough it waits for no man. It has no friends; it is always going on its own.

One wisdom I have gleaned from the operation of time in this universe is this: nothing lasts forever in time

Time is invisible, but its effects are palpable. The best scientists have not been able to trap time to discover how it looks, or how it feels. Yet, it determines the outcomes of whatever we do under the sun.

Do you know and have you realized that time is the ultimate determinants of our performance in life???

When people go to school, it is not forever. Somebody studying engineering for instance is timed to complete the studies say in five years after which there is a graduation. Those who are engaged in sports (sprinting, relays, boxing…etc.) are meant to compete within the confines of time. if we dare align and organize ourselves in time, we tend to succeed, if we don’t, we suffer for it.

Let me drop this words in your heart: if you will succeed, it is a matter of time, if you will fail, it is a matter of time as well.

The Currency of Time

What is the currency of time?

In what measure is time denominated?

If your answer is seconds, you may be considered right.

But what if I know nothing about science. What if I am a staunch business man who measures time in terms of productivity and profit?

What if I am more of spiritual person who see the passage of time in terms of human souls passing away from time into eternity?

I believe time is whatever it is to any person depending on whatever the person is engaged.

We see time in based on our engagements, beliefs and vocations.

To the scientists, time can be denominated in seconds, in hours, days and years.

To the farmer, time is sowing and harvest. The concept of seconds may not make sense to the farmer.

To the business man, time is largely profit denominated in dollars, pounds, Yens…etc.

To the philosopher, the currency of time is the acquisition of understanding about life.

And to the faithful spiritual cleric, time is denominated in souls exiting into eternity.

How do you see time; what is the currency of time to you????

Time: A waste or an investment???

Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind. Nathaniel Hawthorne

We feast on time in the same way that time feasts on us. Ultimately, what the status of our lives today is the result of how we have worked or walked in time.

If you are dissatisfied with your current status in life, you may probably have misplaced your priorities in life. To a very large extent, I am a strong believer in the fact that the texture or the tone of our lives is a true reflection of how we have treated time.

Seest thou a man that wastes his time, he will soon spend his life regretting.

Time is not to be wasted but to be invested in.

You get exactly what you put input into time.

For those who deliberately or ignorantly waste their time, what they get in return is ‘waste’ for time is blind to whoever is planting into it.

At this moment, I would like you to pause and consider what has been the use of your time.

Are you planting investments into time or are you wasting your time?

Johann Wolfgang says: ‘every second is of infinite value’

The seconds you use in watching television while you are meant to be studying will indeed do you no good.

The seconds you use in laying on the bed while you are meant to be exercising your body will not pay you any good dividend.

The time you expend in arguing and engaging in meaningless and valueless chats will in return hunt you.

Every time wasted vanishes irrecoverably into eternity and can scarcely be redeemed. If eventually redeemed, it shall be at a greater cost that it was before it was lost.

Spend your time wisely.

Oluwayinka Idowu

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