November 28, 2018

Idowu Oluwayinka

Oluwayinka IdowuA Human Capital Advisor, trainer and connoisseur on the subject of leadership and entrepreneurship, also a promoter of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; Idowu Oluwayinka is a renowned social reformer with proven experiences.

A rare blend of aptitude, gift and skill, he is a Leadership consultant of high pedigree, and personal coach to many individuals and organizations. He is a highly resourceful speaker and trainer on workplace issues, integrity, character reformation, business growth, entrepreneurial success, organizational and personal effectiveness.

A passionate believer in the dignity of the Nigerian man and the awesome potential of the Third World, he has uncommon faith in the uniqueness of the individual in relation to his contribution to his generation.

An unrepentant optimist and Nationalist, he believes so much in the development and progress of the Nigerian project and spends so much energy, time and resources, re-awakening, sensitizing and informing the younger generation on the resplendence of the bright and better tomorrow.

A crusader of good morals and spiritual values, he is a well-sought-after minister of God in several churches and youth bodies.

A radio broadcaster, he anchored for several years a godly and motivational programme called purposeful living at Love 97.7fm Port-harcourt. He is also the convener of Divine Reflections, The True Leader and the Entrepreneur; which are his new Divinely-inspired programmes that were aired on Garden city FM (89.9) every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

A successful husband and father, he is happily married to Francesca Idowu and their holy union blessed with three wonderful children.

A very simple, humble and easily approachable person, Idowu Oluwayinka appreciates the immense potential deposits in every man he connects with.

Always giving thanks to God for the rare privilege of being an agent of positive change, both locally and globally.


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