Attributes of an Entrepreneur (Persistence)

In the last post, we discussed the importance and criticality of vision as a sacred attribute of successful entrepreneurs. Today, we shall be looking at another sacred attribute called Persistence. By way of definition, persistence embodies the virtues of endurance and dogged continuity even in the face of obvious challenges. Persistence is the steel of
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Attributes of an Entrepreneur (Vision)

Successful Entrepreneurs know and can testify to the fact that very rarely do things go according to set plans. Thus, to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need more than a good idea; you need more than a business plan But research indicates that most successful entrepreneurs share certain personal attributes.  In the course of weeks,
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the entrepreneur

The Concept of Entrepreneurship

An excellent day to you dear friend, I trust you that you are doing better than good. I also would like to both introduce and welcome you to this life transforming programme called: The Entrepreneur where men take advantage of their innovative skills and innate talents to better themselves and their environment. My name is
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Advice for Entrepreneurs

Common Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs Sticking with one idea for too long: While a single idea may be your catalyst to entering a market, don’t be afraid to continue to explore new ideas and options. Remain open-minded, and explore new ideas to see which ones will pan out into feasible market opportunities. Being product-driven, not
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