Attributes of an Entrepreneur (Self-confidence)

self confidenceLast week, we looked at leadership as a key quality of a successful entrepreneur and perhaps the need to hewn our leadership skills or have great leaders around us.

Today, we shall be looking at why every successful entrepreneur must be self-confident.

Please note that self-confidence in this context is not arrogance or impure pride. No, not at all.

Self-confidence for a successful entrepreneur is the grace to express his or her vision with palpable passion.

Most entrepreneur fail even before they start their business because they allowed the fear of failure to erode their self-confidence. Failed businesses have men who cannot sell their business convictions to their clients.

True entrepreneurs know that the journey to business success is not one that comes easily;

As an entrepreneur, being your own boss can be a joy and a burden. You are responsible for tough decisions about how to stay relevant in the marketplace, when to take on more debt, or how to handle an economic downturn. It is never smooth sailing, so learning to stay confident and convinced in order to thrive and grow in difficult situations is essential to your success.

When it is time to pay your employees and it seems the account is not very buoyant to do so, what do you do?

You don’t bury your head in the mud like the proverbial ostrich; rather you strengthen your inner convictions and get the understanding of your loyal staff.

For an entrepreneur, it is always the spirit of a lion. Weather there is a prey or not, the kingly pride of the lion is never eroded.

In hiring company employees, self-confidence is a requirement. For Entrepreneurs however, self-confidence is a must.

You don’t go into business to be pitied, you go into business to make things happen. You therefore need the ingredient of grace and self-confidence.

Till I come your way again, remain enterprising till your success come. Bye for now.

Idowu Oluwayinka

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