Attributes of an Entrepreneur (Leadership)

LeadershipBefore now, we looked at an indispensable attribute of an entrepreneur called diligence or hardwark. And I still maintain that success remains elusive when diligence is ignored.

Today, I want us to look at this attribute of a true and successful entrepreneur called Leadership.

I am yet to see a successful entrepreneur who was not a good leader or did not have great leaders around him.

Running a business at startup level may require a single person. But running a successful enterprise with many people involved will most definitely require more than entrepreneurial skills, it will require leadership skills

Different skills and talents are needed to take your company from a startup to a thriving enterprise. There is a real difference between entrepreneurs who start companies and leaders who grow companies. You have to know which you are in order to hire the right people to take your company to the next level. Start by honestly comparing your talents to the following:

Entrepreneurs tend to have high energy while leaders have moderate to high levels of energy.

  • Entrepreneurs generally have fair to poor listening skills. Leaders are good listeners.
  • Entrepreneurs are average to fair teachers. Leaders are fair to good teachers.
  • Entrepreneurs have average to fair emotional intelligence. Leaders have average to good emotional intelligence.
  • Entrepreneurs are always willing to take risks and are reasonably good at dealing with crises. Leaders are moderately willing to take risks in ‘normal’ times but are great with crises.
  • in terms of delegating; Entrepreneurs have very high control needs and can’t delegate. Leaders have only moderate control needs and can delegate.
  • Entrepreneurs have a wide range of networking skills, from poor to great. Leaders generally have great networking skills.

Leadership is the garment we must all wear as successful entrepreneur. Make sure you get yours.

Till I come your way again, remain enterprising till your success come. Bye for now.

Idowu Oluwayinka

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